Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

Holds one bottle. Sterilises in just 2 minutes! (in a 1100 watt microwave)

100% Watertight, Fits Most bottle sizes, BPA Free, Fits most microwaves

Milton Sterilising tablets for cold water method also available. (use 1/4 of a tablet)

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Brand:  Milton
Colour:  White

Solo Microwave or Cold Water Travel Steriliser

The Milton Solo Microwave or Cold Water Travel Steriliser is a handy, compact single bottle steriliser that is perfect for travel or overnight stays.

Holding one bottle of most makes, the Milton Solo is 100% watertight for total portability.

How do I use the Solo for Cold Water Sterilising?

With the award winning Milton Cold Water Sterilising method, simply fill the Solo with 1.25 litres of cold water and add either 1/4 Milton Sterilising Tablet, or 1/4 cap of Milton Sterilising Fluid.

Add the bottle, teat and cap and after just 15 minutes they are ready to use straight away with no need to rinse.

Keep everything in the solution until you are ready to use it and pop it back in after use.

You can add and remove items until the solution needs renewing after 24 hours.

And being 100% watertight, you can take the Solo out and about with you without the worry of spills.

How do I use the Solo for Microwave Sterilising?

When using the Solo in the microwave, simply put 20ml of cold water into the base, add the items to be sterilised, push down the safety vent and microwave from 2 minutes.

The unique safety vent ensures that items heat quickly, steam is gently released and the Solo is totally watertight; perfect for travel.

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